A page full of the stories collected as we spend our year in the woods. Good times, bad times, funny anecdotes and romantic memories; let’s celebrate the lives that have been lived among the trees.

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William Farquhar:

I was brought up in Stonehaven and most Saturdays as kids we would all play in the old Dunnottar House in the sixties. Some Saturdays there would be probably over 20 kids playing in the ruins of the old house, running along the exposed rafters etc. I’m not aware of anyone ever getting hurt or injured. Great memories.

Lesley De Jager:

When we first moved to Stonehaven 3 years ago, my husband and I went for a walk through the woods and discovered the shell hoosie, the bath and the old walled garden. We knew these magical woodland things would fascinate and excite our children (then aged 6 and 8) and so we decided to let them discover the magic themselves. That night at bedtime we told the children a story that an imaginary ‘old lady’ we had ‘met’ in Stonehaven that day had told us. It was an old fable about a farmer who fell in love with a mermaid he met at Stonehaven beach, and built her a house of seashells and a pool in the forest river so they could be together. The next day we casually suggested a walk in the woods. When they spotted the shell hoosie and then the bath, their imaginations went into overdrive and they were soon inventing stories of fairies, goblins and all kinds of magical woodland creatures. To this day whenever we go for a walk or a cycle we look out for a mermaid tail glittering in the river water.

Angie Craig:

My only memory of Dunnottar Woods is of a night time walk with a few mates walking up the road into the woods from Woodcot hospital in the dark, bit of a dare for us all. We would have been about 12years old so we are talking around 1979. I really don’t believe in ghosts but this was the only time in my life(so far) that I knew I saw and felt something very strange. We walked for about 10 minutes up the woods road to find a shadowy shape coming down the road towards us looking like it was wearing a cloak like garment and a hat that looked like an old fashioned school master would wear. As it got closer we asked each other if we could all see it, to which we all replied yes to each other. We turned round and walked back towards the street lights and the lower woods road at a very quick pace. I definitely saw and felt something strange that evening in the woods that I have never experienced again. So far.

Dorothy Forbes:

We bought our house in 1994 mainly due to the setting – our back garden goes into the Dunnottar Woods. My husband, Gus, was a very keen bird watcher and used to keep lists of the birds that came into the back garden. Unfortunately he died in 2003 but I still live here and still love the setting of this house. The birds and other animals still come into the garden – many of them get quite tame. I will look forward to reading the result of the survey and also of the photographs and stories about the woods.