Experiments with Colour and Movement

One of the objectives of this project for me as a photographer, was to find ways to be more creative with landscape and wildlife photography. I am really enjoying seeing the woods change as the year goes on, and being able to document that and show the progression with each photograph, but I also want […]

What a Difference a Month Makes

Last month I took some photos of the wild garlic in full bloom, and this month I returned to find a drastically different landscape; wilted, lifeless stalks layering the ground as if they were threads criss-crossing a loom. Gone too was the rich aroma filling the spring air, replaced by the faint smell of plants […]

An Ocean of Wild Garlic

In the last update I promised more bluebell pictures, and here they are! These were taken at the end of May when the woods were full of colour and a the air heavy with the smell of garlic. One other thing I noticed on this walk is that the Gallows Hill is being used for […]

The first bluebells

There’s a spot in the woods that is particularly good for bluebells. They normally emerge around the start of May, beginning with a couple of confident flowers bursting through the ground as an advance party, then developing into a blanket of colour as the rest of the plants bloom and add their various shades of […]

Easter Egg Hunting with Stonehaven Guides

I’m still catching up with a few updates but normal service will resume shortly. Sadly, I had a few other commitments over March and April as well as being ill and this has left me a bit behind on the admin side of the project.┬áMy priority is always to get into the woods so when […]

Camera Trap Update! Otters and Deer

Ok, it’s been a while and I teased with promises of Otters. I’m sorry. I do have good news though, I can share another tenuous image of an Otter! Wooo! Now, this can be hard to see but the otter is on the left of the frame about a third of the way up just […]

Dunnottar Church and the Start of Spring

It would be unthinkable to do a project on Dunnottar Woods and not visit the church. Still very much in use and bursting with history, the church and graveyard tell part of the story of Stonehaven and indeed much of north-east Scotland. This visit was just an introduction, a bit of scene-setting before we come […]

13th March – A closer look at the field

There is one feature of the woods that everyone is familiar with, yet for many it’s a passive familiarity. We don’t always acknowledge the importance of this feature to our enjoyment of the woods or what it brings in terms of biodiversity or aesthetic joy. But it is hugely important, for woodland hunters, dog walkers, […]

The frost and the forest

*crunch* *crunch* *crunch* The air is rich with the scent of winter. Muddy pools, decaying leaves, and a hard frost carpeting the floor of the forest. I can feel it pushing back every time I place my foot, before reluctantly giving way to my boots with a signature crunch. Every step taking me further down […]

In pursuit of an otter

A few weeks ago I glimpsed an otter slipping into the Carron, a sight I hadn’t really expected to see even though I had heard they sometimes visited the river. That spurred me on. I had to try and get some images! I scouted the area where the otter entered the river, and although I’m […]