Exploring the Mushroom Kingdom

There’s a well known creative prompt whereby you set yourself some limitations or constraints and it should force the artist to be more creative or to look at a familiar subject in a new way. It’s a genuinely useful thing to do and in fact, this whole project is a form of that; where I decided to spend a year looking at the same location and testing cartier bracelet
my creativity. I took this a little further on Sunday, limiting my work to just a few hundred yards and largely to one piece of deadwood that had its own flourishing ecosystem. This log had 3 different types of fungus, some moss, lichen and various other plants growing on or around it. It was a fantastic micro world to stumble upon and I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours photographing and filming it from different positions.

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I’m not an expert on fungus, so I won’t try and identify the various types I’ve found on my wanders through the woods but if anyone out there is an expert and would like to tell us what I photographed, then please do so.

As well as the log, I also cartier nail bracelet
continued my experiments with focus and movement. With the autumn colours, this created dreamlike effect and some magical images that really capture the wonder cartier love bracelet sizing
of this season. The full video will be uploaded later as part of my creative responses to the research year but here’s an unedited example to give you a flavour of the work.

My afternoon ended with a brilliant autumn shower, complete with a vibrant rainbow and pounding rain. It was tricky to capture the rainbow from within discount cartier bracelet the woods but I did get a sound recording of the rain as I trudged through the mud and headed for home.