A Summer Sunday

I didn’t have much time last weekend to get into the woods but I wanted to still get along cartier bracelet and shoot some photos, just to stay connected to the woods at this incredibly vibrant time of year cartier replica and to try some different ideas I’d had about approaching the project. What followed was an incredibly productive couple of hours where I really felt I was pushing myself creatively and managing to document a different side to the woods.

For the first part of the project, I’ve been getting a feel for the space and the scope of the woodland. It’s a lot bigger than you think if all you ever do is walk your dog round the same loop every week, and there’s a surprising amount of variety packed into it. One of the things that was on my checklist was to try and get some strong images of a few of the older, more dramatic trees within the woods. There’s some pretty cool trees that strike spooky poses and it would be nice to document them as part of the project. This trip allowed me to really start that process and I’m pretty happy with the results.

I also replica cartier ring began exploring the textures of the woods a bit more (as well as the colour as shown in the previous blog), and using a macro lens allowed me to show the detail in leaves and tree bark, as well as get some fascinating shots of insects and flowers.

Sadly, the bluebells were now deceased. Only the browning remains of a few hardy plants clung on, a pale shadow of the radiant meadow that was there just a month before. But there’s plenty of other plants coming through and I’m sure the next month will see more flowers casting their colours over the woods.

There’s lots more to explore of course, and I can’t wait to see what the next trip brings. I’ll also be posting a 6 month review as soon as I find some time to write it!

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