The Sky at Night

Something I’ve been replica cartier ring looking forward to doing as part of this project is exploring the woods at night, seeing how they change under moonlight and the great canopy of stars. I was sceptical how much I would see though with light pollution from the town. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded! #bwg_container1_0 #bwg_container2_0 […]

Elspeth, Alan and Libby

It was great to meet the Fraser family in Dunnottar Woods recently. They love exploring the woods, listening for animals cartier replica and imagining what they discount cartier bracelet might stumble across as they traipse through the trees. Libby is always on the lookout for bears! One day she might find one. They also love […]

Spiders and the Approach of Autumn

Late September is when the leaves turn; they start to crisp, to brown, and to curl. It’s still a time for deep lush greenery but fringed by auburn, rust and gold. When I got all my equipment replaced, I went into the woods to search for signs of autumn and to look at the spot […]

Natalie, Neil and Noah Easton

It was a great pleasure to spend a day interviewing people in the woods, and it got off to a great start when the first people I met were friends of mine who happened to be out for a stroll. Natalie and Neil cartier nail bracelet grew up in Stonehaven, so the woods have always […]

Winter has arrived

On Sunday 20th November, I setup a gazebo in the quarry and started cartier love bracelet interviewing people I met in the woods. It was a really rewarding experience chatting about cartier bracelets why people come to the woods, their memories, and collecting stories. I’ll share some of these over the next few weeks but […]

An October Family Walk

As autumn took hold, we gathered cartier love bangle some friends for a weekend stroll through the woods. It was a chance to let our toddlers loose in the woods and to take in the changing colours of the season. The weather was great and we had a really cartier love bracelet enjoyable walk with […]

Exploring the Mushroom Kingdom

There’s a well known creative prompt whereby you set yourself some limitations or constraints and it should force the artist to be more creative or to look at a familiar subject in a new way. It’s a genuinely useful thing to do and in fact, this whole project is a form of that; where I […]

All the leaves are brown…

Autumn is in full swing and the trees are changing cartier love bracelet sizing colour. I set out this afternoon to try and capture the autumn palette; the subtle orange and yellow which give fake cartier bracelets way to that auburn hue as the deep greens beat a hasty cartier double bracelet retreat. The gloves […]

An Important Update

Hello there, it’s been a while. And for that I must apologise. I’ve tried to write this a couple of times but each time it got bogged down in too much detail and was difficult to finish. I realise I owe people an update and that putting it off is only going to make things […]

A Summer Sunday

I didn’t have much time last weekend to get into the woods but I wanted to still get along cartier bracelet and shoot some photos, just to stay connected to the woods at this incredibly vibrant time of year cartier replica and to try some different ideas I’d had about approaching the project. What followed […]